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I'm a writer from West Sussex is southern England, but after 30 years of urban life in London and Liverpool, I now live in a remote village 1,000 metres up in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania. My new book is published in November 2016: "Din Liverpool in Carpati: cum mi-am gasit fericirea în inima Transilvaniei"

Writing well sets you apart from the rest

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Read this today. Thought it was good advice. Thought I should pass it on. “If there’s any one lesson I’ve learned: writing is sort of a lost art and I would always encourage young people,…

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Writing your first…

…illustrated children’s book. This is a great insight into some of the challenges and solutions for writers itching to get their story told: a piece by Michael Gallant for the BookBaby blog. Read, then get writing!  

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When your idea takes flight…

When a hint of a thought of an idea catches on fire in your head… and you find yourself chasing your characters through the skies over London until the story comes to satisfying close, it’s a great feeling. When the … Continue reading

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James Patterson knows…

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We MUST boost our kids’ confidence

Who gets this? Me too. The negative messages we hear over and over again during our childhood and teens can take root and grow into our reality. What a waste of potential! What a way to destroy children’s lives before … Continue reading

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My must-read books list

My long list of books I’ve loved… These are books from all genres and none, for all ages. It’s not a snob list of books I pretend I’ve read – I have actually read each of these, to the end, … Continue reading

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Blake’s Cottage – now we know.

Originally posted on Beryl Kingston Blog:
We’ve been waiting for ages for one of the triumvirate to tell us when they are going to start repairing Blake’s Cottage. Nothing has been done and it’s now over a year since they bought…

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