About you

You have a book in you. A best-seller. If only you could fire your imagination and release the block…

First-time writer

There is no shortage of help to get you writing better, to learn the techniques of fiction; you can learn about the business of publishing, the nuts and bolts of ebook production, marketing, editing, selling yourself to agents, bookselling and everything else you need to know.

So you’re informed about the art and science of fiction, you know your market, you understand the publishing business. You’re all set. There’s the blank screen, the white page, waiting for your deathless prose, your best-seller.

Small problem.

The ideas won’t come. The characters stay out of sight. Your Muse hasn’t shown up.

Editing and proofreading
(Photo credit: the Italian voice)

Established author

You’re published. Your books sell. Your publisher loves you. Your deadline is hanging over you.

You don’t have an idea in your head.


You’ve been steaming through your story but for some unfathomable reason you’ve come to a dead stop. Something’s wrong but you don’t know how to fix it.

Frustration, fear and loathing

It’s driving you mad. Anyone struggling for inspiration knows the feelings that surge through you when you think about your festering manuscript and the missing muse. You feel frustrated, blocked, stagnant, anxious, furious, despairing…


When you need a spark, come on over. Here you’ll find ideas, inspiration, light relief and moral support. You’re not alone! Let’s build a resource and a forum to help fire the imagination of great storytellers, and maybe we’ll have your new mega-seller to celebrate.

Workshops   If you prefer to get a jump-start in the company of others, come to a freemagination workshop, or plan for a intensive writing retreat and coaching week in the unspoilt Carpathian Mountains. More elsewhere…


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