Liverpool to Everton: 1,000 miles

It sounds like a pub quiz question: where are Liverpool FC and Everton FC separated by 1,000 miles? The answer is South America: to the east, Uruguay, where Liverpool Futbol Club in Montevideo plays in the premier division; to the west, Chile, where you can find CD Everton in the resort of Viña del Mar.

In 1908, a school side in Uruguay’s capital city had to decide on a team name; they looked at a map during a geography lesson and picked Liverpool, a name that meant wealth and power.

The following year, after Everton FC had had a successful tour of South America, a group of footie fans in Valparaiso agreed that Everton would be a good name for their own team. So Corporacion Deportiva Everton was born. Now based in Viña del Mar, a few miles from the capital Valparaiso, CD Everton has its stadium on the edge of Lake Sausalito; the club’s fans in Chile and in Liverpool are known as Ruleteros, or men who gamble on the spinning of a wheel.


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