What people said about the workshops

Jan Harvey:

I came to you completely lacking confidence and came home brimming over with it. I really enjoyed the challenge of not being allowed to think. It’s like my drawing courses – the best works are often the 30 second sketches. I thought the food was lovely too. Thank you again for bringing all this out in me and setting me on a new path. I love it!


Joanna King:

Has been told by an incredible author that she is an author too. One of the best afternoons of my life – go to to unblock your creative self.


Julie Whyman:

I had not the slightest inclination to become a novelist, but nonetheless, entered into the workshop with an open mind. By the end of the afternoon, not only had I learned how to actively use a series of practical techniques to build convincing characters, but I found myself committed to write my first novel. That’s testament to the extraordinary transformational energy circulating around the group during the session. It was quite simply the best workshop I have ever attended and Arabella is an absolute genius.


Val Oxted:

I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful afternoon yesterday – it was fabulous. Really, it must be the best writing course anyone could ever go on – I just wish you could go into schools and inspire the children.


Rebecca Abrey:

For tentative authors everywhere! Arabella creates an atmosphere of trust and safety so that any sharing of ideas and reading of work is met with encouragement and wise insight. She took us all from a starting point of minimal confidence in our

ability as writers to a place where, only a few hours later, we had all created over 15 new characters all of whom having the potential to be woven into new or existing stories. Our confidence and excitement in our work by the end of the day was in complete contrast to how we had been feeling when we walked in! You won’t get this online! The group dynamic Arabella creates is part of the process – this course is worth thousands of pounds. You will grow so much! It is the best investment you could make.


Rae Beeding:

Arabella teases characters out of your imagination by using music, images and a framework of questions which can’t help but conjour up characters which have been lying dormant in your mind.


Maggie McDavid:

The great thing about the course was Just Doing It as opposed to thinking too much  The course was so inspiring that I do want to continue that momentum.


Frances Hill:

I went on this course last week and it was excellent. Anyone who wants to be a creative writer needs to attend this course. The tips, exercises and teaching are out of this world.


Julie Farmer:

I have just completed a creative writing course run by Arabella. I have been on a number of creative writing courses and I must say that this is the best.

I had no expectations and deliberately didn’t spend any time planning what I wanted to achieve. I was in a small class, and we started with some writing exercises right away. Our first exercise was write about something we knew nothing about – we had 10 minutes. It was amazing to see how people had different styles and how the process worked.

I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to learn, be more creative or just find their writing style.


Annette Ash:

Just been on one of the best writing courses I have ever attended. Had lots of exercises to do and think I may have found my writing ‘voice’. Best four hour course ever.


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