156 names from plants and flowers

Peony, girl's name derived from a flower; where do you get your ideas?
Peony, a full-blown, crimson bloom

Flower names lend themselves to girls, on the whole, but plenty would do for a boy. Some would also make good surnames, and others fantastic nick-names.

Looking them up might give you clues about the character’s appearance or personality: a Bramble might have dark curly hair; Columbine might be slender and pale. Mrs Twayblade, Mr Madder, the family Hawksbeard…

A girl tagged with Funkia or Bindweed; a boy nicknamed Warty-cabbage or Bogbean, well… you’re the storyteller.

There are 156 names in the list here, or click on the link below. Let me know which you love best, and which you think the most outrageous.

156 names from flowers & plants


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