Come to a workshop

Make 2014 the year you actually WRITE your novel or screenplay instead of dreaming about it… 

Photo credit: boellstiftung

Begin the process with a single day’s commitment which will give you new 3D characters who spark whole plots and subplots; there’ll be settings, atmosphere, catalysts and more.

Let me ask you something… do you realize how rich and fertile your imagination is? Are you aware how strong your creative drive is? Even if it’s been locked away for most of your life, it’s been soaking up everything you’ve felt and seen and heard and touched and tasted and dreamed, all your life long, and is waiting for you to set it free.

Do you believe you’re not creative?

Do you worry that you have no imagination?

Do you feel that your Muse has deserted you?

Do you feel that you’re in an ideas desert?

I want you to understand that you have as much imagination and creative drive as you could possibly need. The thing you’re missing is the key to unlocking it.

I’ll let you into the big secret… what you have to do is to stop thinking.

It’s the three-minute cure to a blocked creative flow, the three-minute answer to a writer’s prayers. I’ll tell you the secret in the first three minutes of the workshop… and it’ll take the rest of the day for you to believe that something so huge is really that easy. 

You’ll be swept along on a flood-tide of ideas and creative force – so fast, you’ll struggle to keep up with yourself. Do you want to know how it feels to ride a tidal wave of creativity? This is the day for you.

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Why go to a workshop – can’t I do this on my own?



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