What do you see in this picture?

Exercise in perception, right-brain thinking, where do you get your ideas?

If you want, scroll down to read what I saw. But not before you’ve noted what you see…

I was in Verona (Italy), sitting in a beautiful square waiting for our cocktails to arrive, tired and starting to relax after a busy day and a long walk around the city. I turned my head and saw these figures… and although my left-brain knew what they were, my right brain had the upper hand at that moment, and I saw…




… tall, elegant monks in their cream-coloured habits, their burnished tonsures reflecting the light of the streetlamps as they walked away from me.

I still see them whenever I look at this photo and have to work really hard to see cafe parasols folded down for the night. Love those monks…

So, tell me – what did you see? Did you see parasols, or something different?

And when you read about my monks, could you see them too?