Intensive ideas week

In the tranquillity and clear air of an ancient village, 1,000 metres high in the Carpathian Mountains, you can clear your head of everyday stuff and release your creative self. You think you’re not creative? You think you have no imagination? You’ll find out just the opposite. You’ll discover the key that springs open the door to your inner world, a rich, complex and limitless universe that’s been there all the time.

Magura, a remote village high in the hills of Transylvania, is a perfect setting for writers who want to make the transformation from block to flow. Here, with support, tea and sympathy from your fellow writers, you can let go of your day-to-day worries and stresses and be looked after, fed, entertained, encouraged, guided and prompted to find that brilliant, best-selling idea for your novel or screenplay.

For seven whole days in September, breathe in the inspiration of one of the greatest stories ever told, soak up the atmosphere of a place lost in time but peopled with complex characters and all the tragi-comedy of life, captured in one village that is both unique and universal.

Each day you will be guided and prompted through games and exercises to explore further into the wilderness of your imagination, releasing new characters, discovering new settings, playing with props and inventing catalysts, conflicts, questions, catastrophes to test your characters. What if, what now, who, when… maybe even whence and whither – questions will spark responses from your new characters which will usually surprise you, sometimes shock you. Your story will turn and twist in directions that would never have occurred to you; as the days go by, you’ll find that you are being led or pushed by your characters, not the other way round. You’ll get to the point where these characters, people you dreamed up and (in theory) should be able to control, suddenly take charge and do things without consulting you.

Below the photo gallery I’ve outlined the week in a bit more detail, so scroll on down…

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